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Mental Performance Coaching
with Doctor Tyler Held EdD CMPC 

About Tyler: 
Dr. Tyler Held EdD CMPC is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant with a doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology. She has over 10 years of exposure to elite Equestrian sports and is a competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu herself. She was first introduced to Sport Psychology as a client when she struggled with competition anxiety as a young-adult rider. She completed her Master's Degree in 2019 and her Doctorate in 2022. 

Tyler's Values: 

Tyler has a passion for helping athletes find success and enjoyment regardless of their sport, age, and experience level. Tyler uses a systematic science-based approach to performance and behavior to help athletes optimize performance and overcome setbacks.

The main goal of mental performance coaching is to help athletes to manage and understand themselves better so that they can facilitate their skills and achieve what they are truly capable of.

With an individualized approach to sport and performance psychology, you can expect an intervention that will be formulated for your specific goals. Some of these goals might include:

-Overcoming fear of injury and reinjury

-Moving up levels in competition

-Dealing with fear and anxiety

-Building confidence/mental toughness

-Seeking more enjoyment in sport

-Controlling focus/attention

-Support through life transitions and time off sport


Tyler utilizes a variety of skills in her sessions including psychological skills training, cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness techniques, and acceptance-based approaches.

Although Tyler's primary experience in Mental Performance Coaching has been with Equestrian and Combat Athletes, the principles of mental performance are universal to many performance contexts. Tyler uses online scheduling and zoom meeting links for your convenience. 

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