Bridging the Gap Between Riding and Wellness

Emily Hamel and her superstar Corvett Eventing Equestrian


Our Whole Story

Emily and Tyler met in the fall of 2017 when Tyler began working as a vet tech for Dr. Kevin Keane at Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County in West Grove, PA. Emily had been working for Phillip Dutton for 2 years at that point and since Kevin does the vet work them Emily and Tyler began to develop a good working relationship. We soon realized that we had a lot in common like our passion for self-improvement through mindset, fitness, nutrition and community.

Emily is a 4-star level eventer, a dedicated practitioner of yoga, pilates and meditation, personal development enthusiast and a plant-strong athlete currently based in Aiken, South Carolina as Phillip Dutton's head rider. 

Tyler is a professional groom and mental toughness coach with a masters degree in Sport Psychology, a  lifelong learner in the areas of mindset, positive thinking, and motivation and a practitioner of Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and daily meditation. She is currently grooming for Jennie Brannigan in Ocala, Florida. 

Our Podcast releases one episode a month and can be found on ApplePodcast, GooglePlay, Spotify, SoundCloud or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Our mission is to promote health and happiness through our love of horses. We hope that you will join us on this journey and enjoy the ride!