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As equestrians, we know the importance of having our horses fit enough to do the job we want. There is no worse feeling than being out on course and suddenly realizing that your horse has no more gas in the tank.  A proper fitness schedule is vital for making sure this doesn't happen.  In theory, we all know that our fitness is equally as important, however, in practice it doesn't always make the top of our priority list. With busy schedules our needs can seem less important, but as the saying goes...

"You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others."

(this includes your horse)

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Consistency is Key

Creating a fitness routine can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Doing some physical exercise daily is more effective than doing extensive workouts infrequently. Be honest with yourself and figure out how much time (even if it's "only" 10 minutes) you know you can commit to 6 days each week (because we all deserve 1 rest day).   

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Find Joy

There are thousands of ways to get your blood pumping, so find something that makes you want to show up for a workout. Keep trying different activities until you discover the thing that brings you joy. Sure it's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows while you're working up a sweat. However, if you can hold onto that initial feeling of bliss and come back to it when things get tough, it will help you see the workout through.  

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Know yourself. Are you someone who needs a workout buddy to create accountability?  Often, we are the first person we let down, but when you know your friend is waiting for you at the gym you'll be less likely to bail. Or do you know the only way you'll have time to hit the gym is to do it first thing in the morning? Prepare the night before by having your workout clothes ready and an alarm set with enough time to get it done. Understanding what works for you will set you up for success in meeting your fitness goals.  

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